NFL Schedule Week 9

Sunday Afternoon Kansas City Chiefs at Dallas Cowboys

From terrible to terrific, luckily Sunday greets us with one of the better regular season matchups we might see all year: the Chiefs and Cowboys. These teams find their success in vastly different ways, but manage to climb the NFL standings just the same. The Chiefs will have their work cut out for them down in Dallas at Jerry World, but is there any better place to get a road win? We’ll find out.

Keys to the Game


It will be imperative that KC not let Dallas establish an early lead. The Cowboys offense quickly became one of the best in the NFL and KC won’t be able to keep up in a track meet — even with speedster Tyreek Hill. The key will be to frustrate Zeke Elliott and the running game and get Dak Prescott chucking the ball. Every pass that goes downfield is a chance for corner Marcus Peters to make a great play and cause a turnover… and maybe even take one back for six. Make Dallas throw the ball and capitalize on opportunities, that’s how you beat the Cowboys. Oh, and force Dallas to tackle by getting Hill in space — I guarantee he’ll take at least one to the house.


Obviously, Dallas would like to just run the ball down Kansas City’s throat, but this is a talented defense that won’t roll over under pressure. They’ll find ways to contain Zeke sooner or later. That’s why it will be important for Prescott to remain calm in the pocket and for Dallas’ secondary receivers to step up. Dez will be shadowed by Marcus Peters all game and probably won’t be able to impact the game much. This game could hinge on performances from Terrance Williams and Cole Beasley.