NFL Schedule Week 9

Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens, 1p.m. EST


First, do I really need to tell you why you need to watch this game? It’s arguable that no division has better rivalries than that of the AFC North (maybe the NFC North?) and these two squads are at the heart of it. Playoff contention and bragging rights are ALWAYS on the line.

Keys to the Game


Score, score, score. The Ravens’ secondary was abysmal in 2015 and will be the area of focus for the Steelers’ offense. Big Ben will likely be slinging the rock all day long to Antonio Brown and company while Le’Veon Bell gashes the Ravens whenever they drop the safeties back. Defensively, the Steelers will  need to get to Flacco with the pass rush in order to take pressure off their own secondary.


The Ravens will come likely need the same gameplan as Pittsburgh: chuck it. With a run game that isn’t what it used to be and a formidable Steelers front seven, look for Flacco to be moving the ball through the air. Baltimore will need to take down Roethlisberger to keep themselves in this one, Pittsburgh’s offense will be tough to stop.